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Our Story

Reliable and Dependable

An Idea Is Born

Michael Pearson started this business in the winter of 2009.  He was tired of seeing customers being taken advantage of by fraudulent, unlicensed contractors.  He believes that every project worth doing should be done correctly the  first time.   This is why we carry liability insurance and obtain building permits as needed.  He stands behind his work and will only subcontract with other licensed professionals to give you the best product available.  Mike treats every project as if he were completing it for himself.  He strives for perfection. 

A Family Business

While Mike manages the day to day operations of the business, he has some help behind the scenes.  His wife Sarah is the accountant for the business, she is also the one who generates the estimates and invoices.  Tori (daughter), helps out whenever she can.  Whether it be cleaning, or painting, she is always willing to lend a hand. 


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